October 16, 2010

About posts in my blog


Blog に画像を追加する前に、それらの画像が知的財産として著作権で保護されているかどうかを確認する必要があります。 著作権で保護されている画像の法的な権利はすべて作成者のみにあり、他人がコピーおよび表示することは許可されません。 著作権で保護されているかどうか不明な画像は使用しないことをお勧めします。"   - Blogger › ヘルプ記事 › Getting started › Adding pictures, audio and video › ウェブ上で公開されている画像の使用について -

I thought about using some artist's lyrics in my blog. As a result, I thought I had to refrain from the use of copyrighted materials like that, and then I decided to delete the sentences applicable to them in my blog.
I sincerely apologize to all readers.

"Copyrighted Materials
Before you put an image in your blog, keep in mind that some images are protected as intellectual property through copyright. This means that the creator has sole legal rights to their works and may not want you copying and displaying them. If you're unsure whether or not an image is copyrighted, it's best not to risk it."  - Blogger › Help articles › Getting started › Adding pictures, audio and video › Regarding Images from the Web -


  1. Oh... you are really polite person I knew.

    I think that your decision is right way even if you don't get money by what you did.....:)
    anyway, feel free to do blog by your own stuffs !!!

    see you :)

  2. Hi Kei! Did you get good shots with your Holga today? Anyway, I appreciate your always kindness!
    See you later :)

  3. I couldn't shoot nice today XD
    but It happens I know ;)

  4. morning, Kei :) Of course, you're gonna go out for taking photo also today, aren't you?