April 9, 2011

"I study English" or "I've been studying English"... Which's correct?

About this title, I mean it's an usual habit for me ;)

And moreover, I just can't seem to understand how to use of 'could'...XD

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  1. Sorry! I can't help you. Unfortunately my English isn't very good. I learn English too :) I wish you success with learning.

    best regards

  2. Haha, your english is very well, Chris! I envy you!
    Recently I'm listening to BBC radio on the web.
    But it's still hard for me to understand completely what they're talking... XD

  3. Dear Kenji,

    "I study English" means it's a habit of yours. It's part of the things you do. That's why you need to use a present simple: 'I study'. However, if you want to talk about the period of studying (when it all started, and the entire period until now), you have to use the present perfect continuous: 'I have been studying English since 2005' or 'I have been studying English for a long time.' Also compare the following situations: (1) I am waiting. (2) I have been waiting for ten minutes. Sentence (1) describes the present situation - not a habit - and sentence (2) tells us about the period of time until now.

    Good luck, Kenji!



    from RCBEnglishclass.blogspot.com

  4. Something else that I've learned. Thank you RGB.

    best regards

  5. Thank you so much for your kindness, RCB!
    Your guidance is so easy to understand, and describes in detail.
    "I have been studying English for several years." and of course, I'm going to keep it.
    I really appreciate your kind support.

    Best regards, Kenji

  6. Hi, Chris ;)
    Fortunately, I was able to take a great lesson for free, hehe!
    Let us keep improving the practice to each other!

    Good luck, and Have a happy Sunday, friend :))

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