January 30, 2011


                    Still in the rough...

                     Reproduce :  Claude Monet "Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son 1875"


  1. Yet so fascinating!
    The girl from the faint smile
    is there posing for you
    wait for the charcoal
    skim on canvas
    the finishing touches her pretty dress
    the lock of hair rebel
    and finally
    a touch of color...
    Have a nice week, minu

  2. Hi, Minu!
    Well, I'm gonna finish without any colors...I mean, pastels or oil paintings like that.
    This is what I draw on account of reproducing the work of Monet,
    and I'd like to express the particular atmosphere of his works by my drawing work.
    For example, the way which wind's blowing, clouds come and gone, and warmth of the sun...and so on.
    Anyway, I hope I could finish this work completely.
    Thanks always for your support, dear friend!
    Have a nice week to you, too! :))

  3. Thank you for following my blog! Your drawings and photos a beautiful, I look forward to following you.

  4. Thanks to you too, Anja!
    So glad you gave me a comment!
    Have a nice weekend ;)

  5. Thanks for your visit and comment, Angel!
    Have a nice weekend :)